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Cote Investigations’ goal is to provide complete and comprehensive investigative services, criminal defense and civil work for attorneys and other services as needed for clients.

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We hope you will take the time to explore our website for investigative, training or consultation services.  We offer a wide range of services.  I take very seriously our motto:  Experience ♦ Solutions ♦ Results.  Our goal is to provide complete and comprehensive investigative services to each client.  I have proven results doing criminal defense work and civil work for attorneys.  

Tracking A Vehicle Using GPS

 Do you ever wonder where your teenager, spouse or employee went with your private or company vehicle?  We can track your vehicle using a passive GPS device (not real time).  You will find where your vehicle went, the times, the number of stops and speed of the vehicle.  You will know whether the person is telling the truth or not.  Documentation will include a printed record.  You can select one day use, multiple days or a week at a time.  The cost is very affordable for piece of mind.


Have you tried to locate a relative or family member?  I can help you find a family member who you have not seen for years.  I recently located a long lost aunt out of Germany who the family members had not seen for about 15 years.

Are you sure about your boyfriend or girlfriend's background?  Are they telling the truth?  I can discretely find information on their background to validate or disprove what they say.  Check them out before your commit to a relationship and regret it later.

Are you confident that you are hiring the right person?  I will do a complete background on your potential employee including gathering information beyond the basic computer search.  Making a bad hiring decision will lead to trouble later.

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I included some information on Consumer Fraud.  There are some good tips to help you from becoming another victim.  It happens every day.  Also, check the information on Identity Theft. Learn how to avoid becoming the latest victim on identity theft.


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